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Our Trophy Moose Hunts...

We took the province's biggest bull moose in 2004, 24 points and 1120 pounds f/d!!

  • 100% success for the past 18 years!
  • Package is 4 nights with 3 days of hunting
  • You can hunt Rifle, bow or black powder
  • Bull moose average 40-50,inch heavy palmated racks
  • Field dressed bulls average 750-950/bs.
  • You can harvest one bull, cow or calf, your choice!
  • We call them up close and personal
  • Skinning/Caping and meat processing is an extra charge

Moose hunt is by lottery and chances of being drawn are better than 1 in 17! Procedure to enter New Brunswick's non-resident Moose Lottery draw.

1. Between January 4th-April 30th.. call 1-800-994-2666 using a touch tone phone and either a Visa or Mastercard with expiry date ready.A $40.25 cdn. entry fee will be charged to your card. This process is fully automated and you will be prompted to enter specific information. Then you will receive an ID draw # which you retain.
2. Between May 17th and June 18th, please call back to 1-800-994-2666 and you will be prompted to key in the ID Draw # you were given when you entered to see if you were successful. If you were,.then call the outfitter of your choice and book your moose hunt.

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