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Our Trophy White Tailed Deer Hunts...

  • Package is six nights/five days of hunting
  • You can hunt rifle, bow or black powder..
  • Success varies 25-48% annually.. dependent of weather/rut!
  • Bucks are noted for heavy mass racks in the 130-170's plus!
  • Our active winter deer feeding program insures great deer hunting in our hunting areas!
  • Field dressed body weights average 200-240 lbs. plus!
  • You can hunt from permanent treestands/ground blinds over bait or you can stalk/still hunt various sized tracts of wilderness land. You can even combine both methods of hunting sitting on stand in the early morning and late evening hours and stalking during the day!

We hunt logging company lands, some private land, old farms, cedar swamps, mixed growth areas and hardwood ridges, power lines and Logging roads.

White Tailed Deer are highly sought after in New Brunswick for at least two reasons.

1. Carrying heavy mass antlers in both typical and non-typical patterns and having average body weights in the 200-240 pound plus range, New Brunswick bucks are comparable in quality to trophy bucks found anywhere in North America!
2. New Brunswick hunt packages are unbelievably inexpensive, yet top quality and challenging and New Brunswick has very little hunting pressure so you are more apt to see trophy bucks than other hunters!

We offer a 6 night 5 day deer hunting package for $1600 USD!! Special pricing for groups!!

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