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Humorous Hunting Tales from New Brunswick

New Book will soon be available on-line!

"Humorous Hunting Tales from New Brunswick" by Ray Dillon is a hilarious collection of stories about guides and hunters he has known. These stories often seem so outlandish that you might question the fact that they are based on actual hunters, guides and events! This book has enjoyed rave reviews and unbelievable sales in New Brunswick and abroad in other parts of Canada and the USA and is now available as a signed copy by the author. These books make wonderful gifts for both the sportsman and for anyone who simply enjoys the outdoors, a good laugh and a good book! These books are $9.95 plus taxes and shipping/handling charges. To obtain your copy, please contact the author, Ray Dillon at (506)363-2839 or by e-mail at :


Bird Doggin' with Mack

Mack held the dog's head and looked deep into its eyes with his one good eye. "Now Charmer, I am only going to show you how to fetch just this once so you pay attention." With that incredible statement, Mack walked over to the tree line, bent down and grabbed the grouse, feathers and all, in his mouth.

Otis Shanks-Licensed New Brunswick Guide

"You did visit each bear bait site, didn't you Otis?" "Yahh...." "Well you did do the bacon burns and splash the grease around and you hung the bacon strips on the trees... right?" "Well.... We did cook the bacon up and we did splash the grease around... but... we... hummm... ate the bacon."

Did Someone Call Swat?

"Dismount," barked the Sargent as he gingerly stepped outside and flung open the sliding door of the van. Several hunters hurriedly disembarked, rushing to form a perimeter around the van and along the dirt road, all the while loading 12 gauge shells into thier shotguns. Some knelt down while others sprawled, all facing the thick belt... they stared intently at the impenetrable thicket. Sarge whispered loudly to his buddies, "See anything?"

The missed advantures of hawkeye and Me!

"Did Iget him...? I had to... I must have got him... didn't I?" With a consoling look, I stared at him and stated matter of factly, "No, you missed him twice, but he might die laughing or catch a cold from the bullets!" After all, you did bag a nice maple branch and you probably killed several ants who were innoccent bystanders on the ground beside him!"

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