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Our Uplands Bird Hunting

Although we are Big game specialists, we also offer you some quality Uplands bird hunting for Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in some of the finest bird habitat and covers in the province...

We offer you one on one or two on one hunting using your own dogs or we can arrange for a guide with dogs to accompany you!

Packages can be a 3 day package or full  week, six nights and five days of hunting affair.. Our Ruffed Grouse are big, fast and challenging and offer excellent gunning opportunities and we are located in the center of the Woodcock's migration flyway so we have both the resident birds to hunt and a good supply of migrants heading south in autumn. Uplands hunting in early October offers exciting hunting with crisp frosty mornings, sunny days and color splashed countryside adventures! This is one of our pressure free hunts sure to give you lasting memories for years to come!

 Contact us for your Uplands Hunting Adventures now!!! 

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