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Our Trophy Black Bear hunts...

  • Package is 6 nights/five days of hunting..
  • You can hunt rifle, bow or black powder..
  • Success varies 60-85% (Dependant on weather and natural foods abundance) Occasionally we have 100 % success weeks!
  • Bears average-150-250 pounds plus! (We have taken numerous bears 300-425 pounds!)
  • Bear hunts are from permanent stands/ground blinds over active baits tended daily!
  • 50-60% of our hunters are archery hunters!
  • 80% of our hunters get their first black bear with us!

Black bears are prized both for their meat and as mounts and are very exciting to hunt! They are very shy and secretive animals with amazing sense of smell and hearing; animals that travel large distances to feed and to mate. The males can grow to 600 pounds plus as adults and New Brunswick holds the World Record for the largest black bear ever weighed in and recorded, a whopping 910 pounds field dressed! Females(illegal to harvest in springtime if they have cubs) weigh in at much less and normally top out at 300 pounds. Stalking such a big game animal is possible but highly unlikely for success. However, baiting proves very effective. Although spring and fall bear seasons are open for extended periods, we hunt only specific weeks in spring and fall that are proven to be the most effective for success both by our records and those of government! This helps us maintain our success rates and you bag your bruin!

We offer a 6 night 5 day bear hunting package for $1600 USD!! Special pricing for groups!!

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